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The Collaborative Lens

The Collaborative Lens® is a lifestyle brand and broadcasting platform for creative business schools and personal growth institutes. Co-hosted with Teresa Havvas Founder of The Advisory &,  invites industry friends to join in conversations to explore key communication theories how creativity and collaboration will enrich thinking.

A place for greater ideas and strategic insight that reminds us to be open, respectful and caring of each other.  Each series will inspire how best to charter critical moments in life and business to regain balance.


iSaw Thought Leader

Confidence and Resilience are two important skill sets that can enable us to develop mechanisms for protection when we face adverse times; to free us from being the weakest link in the mind, body and soul.

They help us to accentuate belief in oneself, one’s abilities, as well as to realize positive Purpose to satisfy the soul and give it focus. Therefore, I eagerly want to share my experience to help women across the iSAW global network maximize their confidence and fortify their resilience.

Peter’s approach:

I love anything that presents itself as:


Not what was expected?


Showing things as they are not as we are.


Ideas presented with unwavering resolve and true creativity of thought and deed.

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