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The Collaborative Lens

Decoding individual mind-patterns for effective leadership, innovation and personal performance. The Collaborative Lens® partners with CEOs, Decision Makers and Intrapreneurs, to co-design a better culture playbook for businesses built on people, as purpose [Teresa Havvas].
Blending the principles of positive psychology, creative communication and Collaborative Intelligence [Dawna Markova & Angie McArthur].

Peter Penny facilitates a more resilient infrastructure from the inside out, where a team’s respect for equality, equals equity.


iSAW Thought

Confidence and Resilience are two important skill sets that can enable us to develop mechanisms for protection when we face adverse times; to free us from being the weakest link in the mind, body and soul.

They help us to accentuate belief in oneself, one’s abilities, as well as to realize positive Purpose to satisfy the soul and give it focus. Therefore, I eagerly want to share my experience to help women across the iSAW global network maximize their confidence and fortify their resilience.

Client Portfolio

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