You have to leave the city of 

your comfort and
go into the wilderness
of your intuition.

What you’ll discover
will be wonderful.
What you will discover
is yourself.

(Alan Alda)

What is a life coach?

A Life Coach / Mentor is a guide. To help focus your journey through the random assembly of thoughts and aspirations you bring to a session. A Life Coach supports you through the complexity of your emotions as an individual or as a group. Peter works with you as you clarify positive approaches and routes forward to a life more exhilarating more focussed, perhaps a little more ‘extraordinary’.

Be resilient. Find confidence. Know your purpose.

Life and Career

Life and career are the main factors of our being, yet we plan them with less concern than a holiday trip. Often, we just let life happen when we should commit.

It was the fact that people kept asking Peter for his thoughts, help and advice that led him to return to his studies at Oxford to ensure a strong grounding in coaching and in psychology in the work place.


There are many people out there who will give advice and guidance, but do they have a broad career experience to call upon? Peter does.

Peter has worked across the world . He has worked directly with high ranking organisational leaders in major brands and in finance, airlines, governments and industry mergers and acquisitions.


How does life coaching work?

How we think and what we think impacts on our emotional responses and our behaviour, which in turn impacts on our lives. As highly qualified practitioners and therapists our training and experience enables us to facilitate the changes you desire.

Too many of us spend our days distracted from living to our full potential. From achieving our deepest goals and living the life we truly want to live.

The ethos of life and career coaching is to guide you to where you really want to be.

I have helped many people from a mix of backgrounds and life styles live a life somewhat extraordinary and can help you too. We can determine where you truly see yourself and your life focus.

Together we  talk and plan your approach. Mentoring, counselling or focused coaching. We are equally happy to work with groups, in breakout sessions or workshops.

With several different wellness practitioners, we can also plan a holistic approach to complete, to transition to the new fear facing you. Everything starts with you. We outline and agree an individual approach suited to you and your desired future.



What People Say About Their Mentored Experience

“Peter is an exceptional listener. When you are speaking, there is never any doubt that he is completely focused on you and what you are saying. For a communicator and a coach, the ability not just to listen and take in what others are saying but to ensure that the other party feels listened to is so important because it quickly establishes trust and builds rapport. Peter absolutely embodies this quality.”

Carla Faria

Director of The Foundry, TI Media Ltd

“Peter spent an entire afternoon with me coaching and helping me think through “where am I in my life and career, where do I want to be”.  He gave structure to my thinking and 2 weeks later I enrolled in a PHD program.  I left Peter’s office knowing where I wanted to go.  He helped me to focus on the longer direction instead of getting bogged down in what’s right now.” I now have a PHD in International Relations.

Dr Barbara Gibson

Executive who wanted a complete career change having taken a global professional association through a massive organisational change.

“Peter has the amazing ability to make you comfortable, open, and think in a completely different way, even during the most uncomfortable or hard hitting questions. He is not only inspiring in himself, through the things he has achieved and the stories he shares, but he also pushes you to see the best in life, how to take hold of it and what you want. He throughly helped me during a tough time, and guided me to take a big career chance that paid off. I always left our meetings feeling uplifted and ready for the opportunities facing me.  “

Erika Bewers

Looking for career change

  “Peter has one of if not THE most experienced minds I have ever come across. When he speaks to people they feel safe, informed and never intimidated.”


Dawn Mason

CEO of creative organisation realigning both life and career

Where next?

Why not begin with watching some inspiring stories in films Peter has made?

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