“My folks wanted me to be a design architect. At 20 years of age I went to Rome, Italy. To earn cash I had the choice of washing dishes or processing film in a dark room. I chose film.”

Peter Penny Productions Portfolio

Bip Ling – The Impossible Dream

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Truvia – Sharing a Sweet Future

Living Wage

Hannah Film Trailer

About the Films

Living Wage

In 2017 it surfaced that there was an issue with the minimum wage. Together with Neal Ghandi, a successful entrepreneur, we produced a message for industry.

Invisible Population

With all the noise about financial advances in Indian Cities some of the poorest populations become invisible. Juvenile marriages go unchallenged.

The Impossible Dream

Even when a philanthropist returns home to West Bengal with funds to build a school for girls it took 10 years to realise the dream.

Cheetah Conservation

In an outlying district of Namibia is a jewel of Cheetah Conservation fighting to maintain fast diminishing cheetah numbers. Gillan Anderson gave her time to narrate an appeal for the support of CCF.


40% of families in Bolivia cannot afford to feed their families. But now there is hope.


The steel giant ArcelorMittal took the step to breathe life into the long since failed steel industry. But the people needed convincing.

Peter Penny’s Photo Gallery

Educated in the UK Peter studied photography and film at an Academy of Film in Rome, Italy. Recently Peter furthered his studies at Oxford in Business Psychology.

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