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Peter Penny has a wide experience in public speaking,
as a narrator and voiceover. He now also coaches at all levels.

Whether you need coaching for a public speaking engagement at a conference, or to your own team, or to a client group, Peter can help. He has an interesting and very successful approach to teaching the skills and secrets of the spoken word, grounded in a lifetime of experience. As a public speaker and as a director in a number of major agencies, Peter coached his team to pitch and present creative concepts and win business.

A regular keynote speaker

A conference facilitator

A presenter coach

What you will learn

From Peter’s background in business psychology he can help find the most authentic and best way for you to communicate. To speak in your own voice, in your own style and to feel confident in yourself to deliver meaningful presentations. He will also show you how to research interesting facts to support your thinking. Importantly he will look at ways to connect to your audience. Are they creatives or introverts? Are they visual or kinaesthetic? Or more likely a mix of all these things? And what is their expectation of you?

Separately, you may wish to explore the practical areas of brainstorming or major pitch planning. What will each of your roles be? Who will ‘chair’? Who will be the scribe and who will pitch the BIG IDEA?


What People Say About Peter Penny

What do you do when you know that life will never be the same?’ Peter Penny was an accomplished filmmaker, business communicator and global IABC leader. When Penny lost his beloved wife to a brain tumour, he stood at the edge of a precipice. It was in those darkest moments that he embarked on a quest to reach new heights that would change his life forever.  Peter shared his awe-inspiring story at the IABC World Conference Foundation luncheon event to great acclaim.

Natasha Nicholson

VP Press and Publicity, IABC World Conference

The credit for the fact that I could record this testimonial without much hesitation and only with one try goes to you. I genuinely believe that one workshop with you was incredibly helpful so I am eternally grateful to you

Ashton Eli

Fashion Photographer. Presenter training.

“Forgive my late response but I needed to gather my thoughts on what I wanted to say to you. Firstly, officially, I want to thank you for a very illuminating and thought-provoking presentation. Everyone felt they gained so much from your talk. You opened their minds to things they found inspiring.

Now my personal thoughts. You inspired me so effectively that I have made a career choice to accept a much higher and challenging role elsewhere. Obviously, this is extremely confidential, but I have to thank you for some extraordinary enlightenment

Director of a global hotel group company. (requested to be anonymous)


Companies Peter has spoken at events for

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